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Pro-67C Yagi Rebuild and Installation Page (Click above for Pictures)

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Yes, there  Is a DX Drive!

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Sign to right of DX Drive

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Parking - Shack to the right.

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N6IJ Main Bulding

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Room #1

(80M at night...)

This room is now empty waiting for VHF/UHF FM and weak signal equipment. Also used as spare HF operating position.

cr2.jpg (326587

Room #2

HF: IC740, SB220

VHF: Azden 2M FM Rig

UHF: IC 475 430-450 All mode

cr2_rigs_a.jpg (317767 bytes)

Close up of Room #2 HF Rigs with open line tuner for 1000' horizontal loop

cr2_rigs_b.jpg (248593 bytes)

Room #2 VHF/UHF Rigs

cr3.jpg (290439

Room #3

HF: FT-990, FL-7000 Solid State Linear

UHF: TM-401 440 FM 

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Room #3 Rig Close up

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Main Room looking in from the front door. Operating rooms #1, 2 and 3 to the left. Antenna patch panel also shown on left wall.

main_room_out.jpg (467985 bytes)

Main Room looking back out towards front door.

n6ij5_clr2.JPG (127740 bytes)

N6IJ Air View

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Map of Site

(Rotated 90 deg. CW from picture)

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Looking up the hill from the shack. 4 Element 20M Yagi on right. 3 El Tri-Bander on temp. tower.

Pro-67C planned for the pole just to past the left edge of this picture. (See next picture.)

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Pro-67C Yagi planned for 60 ft. pole to the left in this picture. (North of the 4 El Yagi by 120 ft.)

80Mdiscone.jpg (123961 bytes)

80M Discone. 

(Horse stables in background.)

wa6o.jpg (186622

WA6O at N6IJ

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Log Periodic at Sunset

view_from_twr_site_2.jpg (562545 bytes)

Potential 80 ft Tower Location

view_from_twr_site.jpg (459578 bytes)

View of 4 El 20M from potential tower base.

cement_base.jpg (286543 bytes)

3 ft. x 3 ft. Base (5 ft deep.)

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