MBARA has membership from throughout the Monterey Bay area, northern California and the world. We are dedicated to all aspects of Amateur radio and we are currently focused on creating the premier HF and VHF radio experimentation, operating, DXing and contesting station at the old Ft Ord MARS  station in the Monterey Bay area at N6IJ.  The N6IJ site serves as a wonderful location for casual operating, experimentation with antennas and radios and as a excellent emergency communications resource.  MBARA board members include hams from the Monterey Bay area and representatives from the Monterey Naval Post Graduate School Amateur Radio Club, The Santa Cruz County Radio Club and the Northern California Contest Club (NCCC).  

Membership is open to all, hams and non-hams, regardless of location. Membership is $25.00 per year for regular members, $15.00 for full time students and $5.00 for hams under the age of 16. New members, ONLY,  joining from 1July until the end of the year will receive membership through the end of the following year for their initial dues payment. If paying via Paypal please include an additional $1.00 to offset the Paypal fee. Additionally, MBARA accepts donations of money and equipment. We are a 501(c)(3) and will email an acknowledgment letter.

All MBARA members are automatically part of our moderated email reflector, a great place to keep in touch, coordinate station usage and to exchange ideas.

Ready to join? Click here to go to our membership application page.

This will take you to a form to fill out and then a link to Paypal. If you would rather pay via check or money order, please scroll down and you will find an address to send your remittance to.

For more information on the Monterey Bay Amateur Radio Association (MBARA) and N6IJ, or to request using  the station for an upcoming event please contact us.

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