Monterey Bay Amateur Radio Association

(MBARA  -  N6IJ Station)

Application for Membership

Welcome aboard! We look forward to meeting you and using the N6IJ station. 

Annual membership dues are $25.00 for regular members, $15.00 for full time students and $5.00 for those under the age of 16.


Regular members and students receive full station use privileges consistent with their license class and ability to operate the equipment properly. Members under the age of 16 also have full privileges but must be accompanied by an adult licensed member when at the N6IJ facility. All members agree to follow the MBARA station operation and conduct rules.


All new members will also be added to our MBARA email reflector unless we are requested to not add your email address. 


If you have any questions about this form or MBARA, please email us.

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IMPORTANT: Credit Card payments: Pease press the submit button below to email us this application and it will take you to the payment page. There you will have the option to pay via credit card. (If you are not registered with PayPal, registration is quick, free and has zero obligations.)

Payment via check (mail), or cash at a MBARA or local ham club meeting:  Just print out this form after you have filled it out and then press submit so we will receive a copy. Then just skip the payment page when it comes up. Please include a printed copy of the completed form when you submit your payment via the mail or in person. You may mail your renewal form and payment to:

Jeff Ackerman, MBARA Treasurer

1628 North Main Street #114
Salinas, CA 93906

Please make checks payable to: MBARA

Include your call sign (if any) on the check.

SUBMIT   (This will take you to the payment page.)

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If you have any questions about this form or MBARA, please email us.

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